Monday, November 13, 2006

Well, yesterday's blahs seemed to have found a new home. I had a fairly good day. I finished up a project that is due tomorrow (That's pretty far in advance for me.), I helped my mom with a writing project she asked me to do three weeks ago, and I am beginning to work on another school project due on Friday.

I also spent time with the kids--Leo is changing so much it's amazing. He is such a thoughtful, kind kid who is wonderfully clueless in the ways of the world. He's got a great group of friends, he loves school and basketball, and still has a great imagination.

Taurus was sick for two days. She just wanted to lie down with her blankie, not sleeping, not watching tv, just lying down. This was her first sickness in a very long time, and I know now that the most important thing to do for her when she is sick is to clear my lap and let her snuggle. She enjoys the quiet stillness of just sitting together.
I exercised today, and it was a painful reminder of what has been missing in my life. Pilates has been great, but my cardio capacity has suffered greatly over these past 3 months of no regular exercise. I could only last for 30 minutes. Definitely an area to work on. Just addin' it to the list.

I am reading a new book, Nothing's too Small to Make a Difference. It is another step in getting my head and spirit aligned on my journey. The title alone is so powerful. Bringing my own grocery bags to the store yesterday made a difference. Choosing an online class so I don't have to drive 100 miles a week makes a difference.

I am off to continue taking the first step--setting the timer for 30 minutes and working. After that, I can keep going or move to something else without guilt.

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