Sunday, November 19, 2006

7 things--day 2

This morning's 7 things were somewhat more difficult. I eventually found clothes that were too big, in need of mending, and not my style to move out, but it was a challenging process. I think the biggest hurdle is that I can't find anything in the closet or drawers. I need to spend time organizing them first, then emptying them out.

I also moved out some household items that were obstacles during my morning cleaning. The basket where we store dvds was too full to put the ones laying beside it in, so I got rid of two of them that the kids have not watched in 6 months. Voila! enough room. The cheap (in price and quality) lunch containers I bought and don't use because they leak and don't close, that I keep shoving back in the cabinet--GONE!

I know I am supposed to limit myself to 7 items daily, but I am operating with a sense of heightened awareness so I will also make changes during my daily routines.

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