Sunday, May 04, 2008

One Less Weekend

This weekend, the first school-free weekend for me in 2 years, was wonderful! It was a great kick-off for the One Less challenge.

A sampling of what we did:
  • cleaned garage (two less items cluttering the house)
  • walked to grocery and drug store (two less car trips)
  • played in the neighborhood (no driving, spending $ unnecessarily)
  • ate meals at home
  • spent time (38 hours) computer free (internet and computers powered down)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

One Less and Radical Simplicity

Liveblogging Radical Simplicity...

In Chapter 3 of Radical Simplicity, Merkel talks about sharing the earth and how the easiest first step is to take less. I read this 6 hours after creating my one less challenge. How fortuitous!

I am lost with the calculations.

One Less

In addition to the Bookworm Challenge, I am also instituting a Spring/Summer Challenge for myself: The One Less Challenge.
This can mean many things:
one less helping of food
one less car trip
one less hour in front of the computer
one less thing cluttering my house
one less thing out of place in our home
one less meal eaten out
one less trip to a chain store

and many more I am sure to think of.

Today's One Less: This morning I walked to an appointment to which I would have normally driven. This afternoon I did not give in to my desire for a Jimmy John's sub, and instead ate lunch as home. I also shopped at a local market because we were already on that side of town.

reconnecting with time

Something I realize as I shift away from my car is that I need to relearn how to gauge time and distance without my van odometer. I have no sense of how long it takes to walk somewhere which causes me to just jump in the car for fear of being late. I have also gotten myself so accustomed to being able to get there quickly that I push myself to the very limit.

Time to library--pushing M in the stroller: approx. 12 min.
Time to L's new school--pushing M in the stroller: approx. 18 min.

Two things to note: When walking by myself, the times will be shorter. AND As I get fitter and stronger, the times will be shorter.