Sunday, November 12, 2006

one thousand gifts--1

  1. school friends who motivate me
  2. a job i like that gives me ample study time (when i choose to use it)
  3. a husband who is 100% involved in our family
  4. safe, reliable transportation
  5. a computer at home

{Interesting note: most of these gifts allow me to procrastinate and not use my time wisely. I have unlimited computer access; I do not need to be done with a project before the library closes at 6. I have 2 cars at my disposal, so I do not need to be organized to leave in time to catch the bus or walk to work. My job does not forbid reading or studying while on duty. I am not on my feet all day. Looking at it through this lens, I realize that I take these gifts for granted, instead of treating them like the blessings they are. I will not make any huge pronouncements about how I am changing my patterns of behavior right here and now, but I will promise to think about it.}

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