Sunday, November 26, 2006

7 things

1. bookshelf from friends--we got it from them for the basement, but it stayed in our garage for 5 months. We finally moved it to the basement and put it in its final location.

2. roof of playhouse--we have had this for over a year. the playhouse itself was thrown away 9 months ago, but this never made it to the dump. It is now waiting in the van for me to take it to its final resting place.

3. electronic globe--a gift from 2 years ago, that was made for kids but not designed for kids.

4. a sand/water table--i stubbed my toe on this contraption more times than the kids played with it at our new house. It is ready to be loved by someone new.

5. faded/worn/ripped clothes--ready to be recycled.

6. monthly magazine from november--the month is over.

7. crocs--One of Leo's birthday presents that has been in the car since August. He can finally wear them, just in time for winter. ;) No, but really, he will be able to take them on our winter Caribbean vaction.

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