Sunday, January 28, 2007

weekly goals jan 28 - feb 3

Word 8 & 9
schedule exam
research to prof1
research to prof2

LIS application
WinEdt, LaTek

clean bathrooms
clean M's room
clean L's room
clean our room
cook dinner 4 times
clean refrigerator
M's hair
clean/organize entry closet

exercise 4 times
strength training 2 times
Bed by 10 pm 3 times

meet with co-chair
mail flyers to 10 places
enter apps into database
complete M's app

reflection 1/21-27

This week was a mixed bag.
I am glad that I got the preschool stuff mostly done. That was a job I had been putting off because I just didn't want to do it.
I was not as productive on school work as I would have liked this week. I hope I can have a better week next week. I would like to meet all of my goals in that area.
I am proud that I have met my exercise goals two weeks in a row. I feel my body getting stronger, and I am enjoying the process. I am consciously not thinking about diet right now, and focusing on exercise because it is the easier of the two. As I gain strength and tone my body, I will begin incorporating diet. Right now, I need to focus on what's attainable, and watching my speed and distance increase is what's keeping me going. I only did strength training once this week; I will make it to two times next week. That will go a long way in helping me do better in pilates, and become a faster runner. Runner's World just had an article that strength training is a GREAT way to become a faster runner; it is more effective than just running more. My home program is not going to be that life-changing, but over the next 6 months I will definitely see some body changes.
Meanwhile, my house is falling apart. It is dirty. The laundry is piling up. The bedrooms look post-apocolyptic. This is one area that needs immediate attention.

Overall, I would give this week's progress a B. I did not meet all of my goals, but I did do some additional things that were not included.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

reflection 1/14-20

I was fairly successful this week. I did no preschool work, which I find the most tedious and least interesting. I need to make that a higher priority this week.

I am proud of meeting my exercise goals for the week. This will be a fairly easy goal to meet each week since NBA is not traveling as much, I have Pilates each week, and the Y has early hours which I can make with minimal disruption of the family's morning routine.

Putting the debt plan in an accessible place will go a long way toward helping us meet our yearly goal. Updating the changes regularly and seeing numbers go down will be good for our wallet and our spirits.

Cooking is something I am doing, but not yet enjoying. I still abhor going grocery shopping (hence the lack of a check mark), but I do like the sense of accomplishment when we don't eat out. I felt excited about this week's pizza and Denny's outings because they were something special, something different. It was a way to spend time together instead of having to do it because there was nothing to eat, or I didn't feel like cooking.

weekly goals jan 21-27

atype notes for each client:Sunday
adownload/install necessary software
--2 hours per client, initial searching :Sat--one client, prelim searching
--endnote library for each client
--schedule word exam :Wed--attempted; system down
aword 5-6 :Tuesday--word5, Wednesday-- word6
--word 7-9 :Friday--word7
--Mail LIS scholarship packet

acall families re: membership
aenter information in spreadsheet
adeposit checks
--set up paper filing system
--meet/talk with Lisa

aexercise 4 times
:Monday (1 hour)
:Tuesday (30 min)
:Wed (pilates)
:Sat (1 hour)
adesign home strength training program :Sunday
--strength training 2 times :Thurs

--clean M's room
agrocery shopping :Monday
--cook dinner 4 times
:Monday, Tuesday, Wed, Thurs
atoss/donate/recycle 56 things :Monday--20, :Tuesday--12, :Wed, Thur, Fri (mostly papers and junk; need to go through items more thoroughly next time)
--clean refrigerator
--return all public library materials

Friday, January 19, 2007

found money

Well, NBA's new company is quite different from his previous one. His first day in the office was Monday, and he brought home his new phone yesterday. We are still waiting for reimbursement from the other place. NOT!
So, the real benefit of this new arrangement is that we get an extra $80 per month, $960 per year. YES! And, being the committed people we are to reducing our debt load, we promptly went to our cc account and upped our monthly payment by $80. Sweet! It doesn't seem like a big deal, but for us this is big. The fact that we took care of it right away is a great step forward.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

nature or nurture??

how much of my procrastination is related to my cycle? in that case, should it be called procrastination or am i just listening to my body and taking time off? today was one of those days. i just couldn't get motivated to do anything. I slept for 3 hours this afternoon, and spent the rest of the time aimlessly looking at the internet.

I am now doing my hair and watching my lecture for class, but that will still not be enough to keep me where i need/want to be. However, I am learning to be ok with it, and if I keep myself on track most of the time, these temporary setbacks will not be as detrimental to my progress.

I am gaining a better understanding of my body, and I understand this is a part of my body's process. My mood swings are much better than in the past. They still flare up but not as much as before.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jan 14-20

Goals for Jan 14-20

ameet with research professors
:Tuesday--meetings set with both; one Th, one F
:Thurs--meeting with one prof. UGH! lotsa work for that one.
:Friday--meeting with Prof. Casey. Awesome project!
--set up endnote library for each project
--spend at least 1 hour searching per client
acomplete one note assignments :Tuesday
acomplete word1-3 assignments
:Tuesday--downloaded needed files for word 1-9
--complete word4-6 assignments
--Complete LIS scholarship form, including essay
:Saturday--resume complete
:Saturday--form complete
:Saturday--emailed references
aexercise 4 times

:Tuesday (2.5 mi in 35 min)
:Saturday (5K in 43 min)
aCOOK dinner at least 4 times
:Wed (dinner in crock pot on Tues night)
:Thurs (leftovers count, right?)
acook one new recipe :Tues (dinner in crock pot)
--clean M's room
aEndNote training:Tuesday
--grocery shopping
adebt plan on Google
:Saturday (worked with NBA)
--preschool membership data entry
--deposit checks
--set up paper folders for preschool entry
agive M bath :Tuesday

roller coaster blues

The highs...

--cooked dinner with what was in the house
--took kids to MLK program. Rated big thumbs up by L. He definitely wants to go back next year. I am so glad. I want to instill in them early that MLK day is a day of doing, not sleeping.
--baked banana muffins with the kids, which they actually ate
--woke up at 6 am to work
--exercised Sunday and Monday
--finished scholarship essay (this was not a successful anti-procrastination process.)
--set up partial budget tracker in google. I think this will help me because it gives me money to spend, just within reason. If I spend my entire home decorating budget by June, well I 'm done until next year. When this happens, I will begin a wish list in the various categories for next year. If we don't use all the money in certain categories, it will be rolled over. The categories will most likely be: home, travel, auto. Everything else will go toward debt. I think we have been more than generous with most categories.
--M has been willing to wear some of her new clothes.
--I decided to keep a paper gratitude journal. I bought a really pretty portable one that I am excited to use.

The lows…
--I have been spending money and thinking about money way too much.
--I have not been doing school work for 2-3 hours every day.
--I have been eating like a garbage disposal.
--I have not cleaned, purged, or organized in a few days.
--M has not had a bath in over a week, because the tub is too dirty.
--Most of M's clothes need to be taken in in the waist, and we have to wait until my mom comes over because I don't have a sewing kit.
--My gratitude journal has been sitting in the car for two days.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

new year, new start

Today is my first day at work in '07. Now, the real procrastination challenge begins.
Theoretically, I have ~12 hours every weekend to get school and FUMCN work done. It should be enough. In reality, however, I spend most of my time here putzing around on the 'net, reading blogs, doing random stuff. Then, I fall farther and farther behind in everything else and have to scramble to get those things done.
Well, no more. I am going to make sure that these 12 hours are productive. I will treat 'net surfing as a privilege that must be earned, not a right.
I have already accomplished two things on my list. This post is my third.
Here are the goals for today:
  1. read application materials
  2. draft application essay
  3. organize 7160 notes
  4. print OneNote material
  5. organize notebooks

I am probably jinxing myself by putting these out here. Last time I did that I had a complete meltdown and spent the rest of the night drinking hot chocolate and watching mindless tv. Today will be different, however. I will come back and update my progress.

Update: as of 1:26 pm, my goals list looks like this:
read application materials (Over 50 pages; I also took notes of points to make in essay)
draft application essay
organize 7160 notes
print OneNote material (did not print; completed an online tutorial and read training materials online)
organize notebooks

Update: As of 4:00 pm, my list looks like this:

read application materials (Over 50 pages; I also took notes of points to make in essay)

draft application essay

organize 7160 notes

print OneNote material (did not print; completed an online tutorial and read training materials online)

organize notebooks

I am quite proud of myself. I did it with a minimum of distractions. A new approach I am working on is making my procrastination activities beneficial. Example: I cleaned out my backpack while taking a break from reading/writing.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I went to the Y this morning with M. She was reluctant to go to child watch, but I bribed her with a snack. Horrible parenting, I know, but I really needed to work out this morning. Anyway, the balance came by only working out for 35 minutes. I got my goal accomplished for the day and she was only inconvenienced for 35 minutes, and she got to eat pretzels and chocolate on the way home.

I am going to plan to only use child watch when NBA is traveling. Even then, I am going to try and use it when L is home to go in with her.

I did over 2.25 miles today in 35 minutes. My speed (not including cooldown) ranged from 4.0-4.2). Granted, I held the bars a lot, but still. Progress is being made!

I have to say it made a huge difference walking into a relatively clean/organized/picked up house. I feel welcomed and calm. Intellectually I have always known that this is a direct result of my actions, but this year I am working on learning it with my whole being. And appreciating that it takes work to get there!

Work: That is the underlying theme of all my resolutions/goals this year. Everything I want to accomplish can be done, I just have to work at it. I have to work to find time to exercise; I have to work each day on my house and school work; I have to work (COOK) to stop spending money frivolously on fast food; I have to work to plan my schedule and errands to lower my eco-footpring; I have to work at doing my hair regularly so I look presentable and professional.
The list goes on and on. So many things come easy and/or naturally to me that this concept of work is going to take some time to sink in. I have no doubt that it will, though.


My kids are amazing. They totally step up to the plate when I need them to.
On Monday, I had a board meeting and NBA is in Las Vegas. I decided I would go to the meeting for 20 minutes, with the kids, and scoot. Well, they lasted the entire meeting. They were awesome! They were quiet and cooperative. (It didn't hurt that there were two plates of cookies in front of them either.)

Then, last night I needed to watch a live web broadcast of my class from 5:45-8. The kids were great again! They ate dinner on their own, they played quietly downstairs, they played noisily upstairs, and solved their problems without me. I was able to actually concentrate!

These are the times I need to remember.

every step forward is a step forward...

...even if it is preceded by 5 steps backward.

This morning I woke up early and cleaned. I am starting to feel a change in my approach. I notice how much more work it is when I miss a day. I am not perfect, but at least this week I only missed two days before getting back to work. I am working toward being much more consistent. If I can get the regular cleaning under control, I will have more time for the decluttering and organizing.

Yesterday, I did Pilates. That was great for my mind and body.
We had a mini-playdate at a park with our neighbors. (We carpooled!) It was great to get the kids outside, even if only for 30 minutes.
I spent the bulk of my day, however, trying to download software. It was extremely frustrating, and I had to keep at it because NBA wasn't home. I ended up getting what I needed through a very circuitous path. It felt good because I did it! I got help from people, but I did the hands-on, actual work.
I cooked dinner.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Wow! I am doing pretty well so far this year.
I have studied every day since Sunday.
I exercised yesterday. (30-40 min walk)
I cooked dinner tonight.
I did dishes.
I woke up early mon and tues.
I went to bed at 11 mon and tues.

To do before bed:

30 more min of cleaning
20 min stretching
read 2-3 chapters
finish this blog post

Sunday, January 07, 2007


2007 Goals:
1. On Wed 1/3 I exercised before leaving for a 4 day intensive class in Detroit. That involved waking up at 5:30; go me!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

7 things times 7

Tonight's haul is brought to you by the bookstores of univ of penn and univ of michigan. old textbooks and binders full of recyclable old papers.

Happy Birthday to me!!!

This year, my 33rd, is going to rock!
I finally feel like I am coming into my own, and this will be my year to show it.
I worked some, spent time with family, cleaned out the basement, enjoyed a cake made by my family, walked around in my new pink crocs, and enjoyed being me!
I am glad I feel this way. Unlike others, this is not a feeling I can take for granted. I am working on being grateful for being me and making me the best me possible.

Small steps are good steps. My mantra for this new year!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Why small steps ROCK!

Regularly and consistently taking small steps rocks because you can go to bed when tired knowing that you still have plenty of time to get things done. There is no need to do a marathon reading session fueled by coffee and bright lights with the final seconds ticking on the clock. Instead, you can read until you lose focus, retire for the evening, and pick up where you left off tomorrow!

I really enjoy this new way of being. I even cleaned the kitchen within 1 hour of everyone eating dinner.

I also took many, many small steps in the damp, grey, cool Go Blue! air to deliver film to the store. I got to check two things off my list at once.

last year

well, i spent the last day of 2006 engaged in my favorite , and soon to be retired, behavior. I did NOTHING that I was supposed to do except exercise*. It was a fitting way to end the old year, but I am paying for it now. I just spent 1 hour doing what I should have done yesterday, so now I have to work for an additional hour today to catch up on today's list.

A box of L's clothes were picked up. Yeah!

*I walked for 45 minutes on the track at the Y while L played basketball.