Friday, November 03, 2006

day 2

Today has been one of those days where I am so sure that I am following the right professional/ educational path. It has given me enough stamina and enthusiasm to get through the annoying parts of the journey. Well, almost. I feel very comfortable and excited about the path I am taking in the library science information field. I am designing my coursework around my ultimate goal--to work as an instructional librarian with a focus on information literacy and technology. I have a strong sense of purpose, and it appears to be field with lots of growth and development. I will have an opportunity to come in on the ground floor in some cases, and be heavily involved in the planning and implementation.

This is related to simplicity because I am focusing my energy on one thing--something I am passionate about and want to do.

Another part of simplicity that I need to work on embracing is letting go of guilt and frustration that I cannot do it all. Today I was fairly successful. I was not able to make my son's first basketball game because I needed to get one part of an assignment completed. I knew that his dad would be with him, and I had just spent special time with him the previous night, AND I explained to him what was happening. It felt good! I was focused on my work and I was able to find out about the game when I got home. Part of the reality of life is that I can't do everything, so I just need to choose wisely WHAT I do.

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