Tuesday, November 07, 2006

day 5

I am at a loss for words today. I accomplished quite a bit--housework and school work, time with the kids--but I still feel out of sorts. I know part of it is due to lack of exercise and I am working on remedying that, but in the meantime I am struggling. I did not wake up this morning to work; I slept from 9:30-7:30 and still felt groggy. I have not operated at 100% at all today.

On a much happier note, today is NBA's birthday! I can't believe he is 34, and that I have known him since he was 18. I love him as much today as I ever did! He is so supportive of everything I do. He is such a great father, husband, son, son-in-law, co-worker, brother, friend, everything. I love him to pieces!!! As much as his work travel gets on my nerves, I love having him at home. Even when I am super mad at him, I still want to be with him. I just want to tell him all about himself. I am truly blessed with a great husband who works incredibly hard to support and nurture his entire family.

I am going to retire on that note of graditude.
Until tomorrow...

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