Friday, June 15, 2007

July Challenges


There is a new challenge in the blogosphere that I am peripherally participating in. It is the Eat Local Challenge. See for the details and more info.
Here is what I am committing to:
  • visiting the farmer's market at least 4 times
  • purchasing local eggs and butter from co-op (we already get local milk)
  • purchasing bread from local bakeries
CHALLENGE #2: "Say Cheese!"
This challenge involves taking and organizing pictures and home movies. While I am by no means a scrapbooker, I would like to have albums for each of my children.
  • to upload, burn to cd, and print pictures
  • to take at least 5 pictures of the kids weekly
  • to label and organize home movies
  • to gather supplies for albums for kids (by year?)

Homecaring Challenge Update

Challenge update:

One week in, and progress has been made. It won't be done by Wednesday morning, but I feel good about what I have done so far.

clean desk in kitchen
clean counter in kitchen/dining room
clean windows
organize kitchen cabinets and pantry
clean office
organize master closet and drawers
frame and hang pictures and artwork
vacuum couches
clean stairs
change camp schedules and fill out forms
fill out preschool forms
clean cobwebs in basement
take rug to reuse center
organize toys and books
purchase and assemble bookshelf
purchase and use power strip for living room
clean front porch
paint and decorate bookcase for M's room
clean oven
organize linen closet
upload, organize, print pictures
clean van
sweep and mop entire upstairs
sweep and mop downstairs
redecorate seasonal table
organize cds

Sunday, June 10, 2007

time to redirect

So, our utilities have gone through the roof this month. Our total gas usage is almost where it was last year, and it's only June. Our electricity is higher too. I really need to figure out what is going on and how to change it. I am frustrated that things are not changing in my house. Part of that is feeling that I am the only one who's trying. I don't know how to get the rest of my family involved.

Today we spent about 60.00 on eating out and things for the house.
On Friday we spent $11 on a b-day gift for L's friend.
Yesterday, I spent $3 on food and R spent $10 on food.

I am feeling very discouraged and not sure where to turn. I want to make a difference, but I am stuck. Emotionally and physically stuck. I hope this is a temporary blip and that I can get back on track. Actually, I know this is a temporary blip; I will get back on track.

Just when I thought things were getting better, they are going in the opposite direction. What the %&^$ ?! This really took the wind out of my sails. I am redoubling my efforts because I don't want to be a failure at this too.

Friday, June 08, 2007

CHALLENGE: 12 days of homemaking

In twelve days, we leave for our family vacation. In 17 days, we return home. I cannot and will not return to my home in its current state. There is literally not ONE room in the house that is clean and/or organized. Well, ok the garage is both clean and organized, but I just did that last week.

There are many things that need to be done, including:
  1. clean desk in kitchen
  2. clean counter in kitchen/dining room
  3. clean windows
  4. organize kitchen cabinets and pantry
  5. clean office
  6. organize master closet and drawers
  7. frame and hang pictures and artwork
  8. vacuum couches
  9. clean stairs
  10. change camp schedules and fill out forms
  11. fill out preschool forms
  12. clean cobwebs in basement
  13. take rug to reuse center
  14. organize toys and books
  15. purchase and assemble bookshelf
  16. purchase and use power strip for living room
  17. clean front porch
  18. paint and decorate bookcase for M's room
  19. clean oven
  20. organize linen closet
  21. upload, organize, print pictures
  22. clean van
  23. sweep and mop entire upstairs
  24. sweep and mop downstairs
  25. redecorate seasonal table
  26. organize cds
So, working approx. 2 hours per day on homecaring, I expect to have a much cleaner, brighter, more welcoming home. I will do this with minimal expense; it really just requires time and commitment.

car-free #4

--walked home from Y

--walked to playdate

Low Impact Week Days 5-7

overall, fairly successful. i would give myself a B-.
I did not drive to the Y specifically for exercise.
I did not watch tv and use computer at the same time. (I did not reduce my computer usage enough, though.)
I did end up shopping at Salvation Army. Baseball pants for L and clothes for M. Spent $10.55.
I did better limiting her tv time, but she still watched more than she should because of my schoolwork and need for naps.
L slept without pull-ups. He had three accidents out of 7 days, which isn't great, but it's better than pull-ups. We are applying no pressure, and he is starting to get invested in it as well.

another thing not on list, but related to lowering our impact...
we did not eat out at all this week (m-f). this is huge for us.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Low Impact Week Day 4

completed opt-out forms for credit cards, etc.
Woke L up; dry morning
combined all errands and activities
shopped at locally owned stores
joined my local co-op (Spent money on something other than food or gas, but this is really a long term investment.)
M had tv time only in the afternoon--one video and done!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Low Impact Week Days 2 & 3

ate at local restaurants
walked outside
have not used computer while watching tv (or vice versa)
no pullups for L (only one accident so far)
have not purchased anything except food (this means I have had no need to drive anywhere, thus using less gas)
removed name from another catalog

tomorrow: I will call the ALA; 1-800-545-2433, press option 5 for a Member & Customer Service representative.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Low Impact Week Day 1

no tv
removed my name from 3 catalogs