Thursday, November 30, 2006

Identification is the first step...

I have not been focused on my 7 things goal for the last three days.
Instead, we have been working on our financial future and making plans to meet our goals. We identified our major flaw when it comes to money management and goal setting. We realized that we are impulsive when making purchasing decisions, overriding our prior goals and plans when something better comes along. Ex. 1: the couch. Originally we were going to buy a new couch with our tax return in the Spring. We would have the money, we wouldn't have to impact our monthly budget at all. Well, I found the perfect couch at the perfect price and we bought it. I shouldn't have even been looking at couches until it was time to buy because I know myself well enough to know that once i start looking, I am going to want to purchase something soon. Ex. 2: our st. thomas vacation. We were not going on a trip this year because we wanted to put the money towards either the house or our debt. Then we get a great deal, which is still way more than nothing, and go ahead and do it.

Let me be clear, I don't regret either of these purchases. What I regret is that I was unable to stick to my goals. I regret not being able to look at the larger picture. Part of my issue is that this seems to be a symbol of ungratefulness, always wanting more, as if what I have isn't good enough. I will continue to think this through and work out how I can change my thought patterns.

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