Sunday, November 19, 2006

2007 related goal

It just dawned on me, as I surf the 'net for couches, entertainment centers, area rugs, and new shoes, that in order to pay down our debt, we need to not incur any further debt. This means no new debt of any kind--student loans, credit card, store card, nothing. If I don't get a scholarship to pay for some of my schooling next year, I may have to take a break. We can use our tax refund to pay for some of my tuition, but we also have other things we need to do. Like buy a couch, etc.

Also, we will probably not be able to take a big family vacation next year. The $2000 we would spend is half the money needed to pay off the Honda or 1 semester of tuition. Our future trips will be much more enjoyable if we are not worried about how much they are costing us, what else we could be doing with the money, or thinking about how we are going to pay for them.

I want to break the cycle of consumption and debt, even if that means making some difficult lifestyle choices temporarily.

I want to live completely cash-based next year. We can still use the credit card to get points, but it will be paid in full each month! I want to end the year with a significantly LOWER debt number than this year.

Spending extra money paying off the Honda does not equal using the credit card to fuel our consumption-based lifestyle.

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