Monday, November 06, 2006

day 4

Today was a difficult day. I had trouble engaging with my world. The positive side of my withdrawal, if there can be one, was that I concentrated on one particular assignment for school. Of course, it was not one of the two assignments due first; it was the one with the optional deadline, natch.

I stopped putting other people's feelings before my own and my children's, and turned down a playdate so Leo could have time to himself and with his sister. It felt really good to stand up for him like that. I must do it more often!

Nothing I did today led me down a simpler path. I know I will have days like this, but I hope they are fewer and farther between.

Gift update: One of the g-parents came through!!! She took one of our suggestions for non-tangible gifts!!!! I am soo excited. Leo is going to go through the roof when he opens his gift. Taurus will be able to continue becoming a ballerina. I am so happy and thankful. I hope this can become a trend. Now, to work with the other people...

I woke up this morning. It was harder than yesterday, but I did it. After completing one chapter, I did get back into bed, but by then the kids were snuggled with me, so it worked out nicely. I am going to work on another chapter for 40 minutes, and be in bed by 9:30. Tomorrow's early morning will be spent cleaning and working.

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