Wednesday, December 03, 2008


At the end of 2007, I challenged myself to read 15 non-fiction books during 2008.

Well, I did it! I didn't record all of the titles, but I did it. Those books challenged me, supported me, and made me grateful. They also planted many, many seeds which have yet to produce fruit, but are definitely not dormant.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Countdown day 1

Yesterday, the kids wrote their letters to Santa as part of our Christmas Countdown/Advent celebration. It's funny because my kids do NOT associate behavior with presents from Santa. I don't make a big deal of it; for us, Santa's presence is not based on behavior, it is a magical gift for a special time of year.

I am sure this will come back to haunt me one day, but I give my kids a fair bit of direction in terms of writing their letters. We talk about how the items on the list are suggestions and we don't always get everything/the exact thing on the list. I also help them think critically and meaningfully about what they write down. Reminding them, for example, of that thing they really wanted (that I think is appropriate/affordable/already purchased) and having them include that on their list.

L used a wonderful tactic this year--he let Santa know that even though he was the one asking for one item on his list, it was really a gift that would benefit the whole family.

home again

I have decided to begin blogging again. I just read my previous entries and I fell in love with myself and my life all over again. I keep on trying, even when I fail. I really needed a reminder of this today. I have begun the processes of decluttering and greening my life again. I resigned from my weekend library job to spend more time with my entire family (and also to not go crazy arranging child care for when R has to travel).