Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jan 14-20

Goals for Jan 14-20

ameet with research professors
:Tuesday--meetings set with both; one Th, one F
:Thurs--meeting with one prof. UGH! lotsa work for that one.
:Friday--meeting with Prof. Casey. Awesome project!
--set up endnote library for each project
--spend at least 1 hour searching per client
acomplete one note assignments :Tuesday
acomplete word1-3 assignments
:Tuesday--downloaded needed files for word 1-9
--complete word4-6 assignments
--Complete LIS scholarship form, including essay
:Saturday--resume complete
:Saturday--form complete
:Saturday--emailed references
aexercise 4 times

:Tuesday (2.5 mi in 35 min)
:Saturday (5K in 43 min)
aCOOK dinner at least 4 times
:Wed (dinner in crock pot on Tues night)
:Thurs (leftovers count, right?)
acook one new recipe :Tues (dinner in crock pot)
--clean M's room
aEndNote training:Tuesday
--grocery shopping
adebt plan on Google
:Saturday (worked with NBA)
--preschool membership data entry
--deposit checks
--set up paper folders for preschool entry
agive M bath :Tuesday

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