Sunday, January 21, 2007

weekly goals jan 21-27

atype notes for each client:Sunday
adownload/install necessary software
--2 hours per client, initial searching :Sat--one client, prelim searching
--endnote library for each client
--schedule word exam :Wed--attempted; system down
aword 5-6 :Tuesday--word5, Wednesday-- word6
--word 7-9 :Friday--word7
--Mail LIS scholarship packet

acall families re: membership
aenter information in spreadsheet
adeposit checks
--set up paper filing system
--meet/talk with Lisa

aexercise 4 times
:Monday (1 hour)
:Tuesday (30 min)
:Wed (pilates)
:Sat (1 hour)
adesign home strength training program :Sunday
--strength training 2 times :Thurs

--clean M's room
agrocery shopping :Monday
--cook dinner 4 times
:Monday, Tuesday, Wed, Thurs
atoss/donate/recycle 56 things :Monday--20, :Tuesday--12, :Wed, Thur, Fri (mostly papers and junk; need to go through items more thoroughly next time)
--clean refrigerator
--return all public library materials

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