Tuesday, January 16, 2007

roller coaster blues

The highs...

--cooked dinner with what was in the house
--took kids to MLK program. Rated big thumbs up by L. He definitely wants to go back next year. I am so glad. I want to instill in them early that MLK day is a day of doing, not sleeping.
--baked banana muffins with the kids, which they actually ate
--woke up at 6 am to work
--exercised Sunday and Monday
--finished scholarship essay (this was not a successful anti-procrastination process.)
--set up partial budget tracker in google. I think this will help me because it gives me money to spend, just within reason. If I spend my entire home decorating budget by June, well I 'm done until next year. When this happens, I will begin a wish list in the various categories for next year. If we don't use all the money in certain categories, it will be rolled over. The categories will most likely be: home, travel, auto. Everything else will go toward debt. I think we have been more than generous with most categories.
--M has been willing to wear some of her new clothes.
--I decided to keep a paper gratitude journal. I bought a really pretty portable one that I am excited to use.

The lows…
--I have been spending money and thinking about money way too much.
--I have not been doing school work for 2-3 hours every day.
--I have been eating like a garbage disposal.
--I have not cleaned, purged, or organized in a few days.
--M has not had a bath in over a week, because the tub is too dirty.
--Most of M's clothes need to be taken in in the waist, and we have to wait until my mom comes over because I don't have a sewing kit.
--My gratitude journal has been sitting in the car for two days.

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