Sunday, January 21, 2007

reflection 1/14-20

I was fairly successful this week. I did no preschool work, which I find the most tedious and least interesting. I need to make that a higher priority this week.

I am proud of meeting my exercise goals for the week. This will be a fairly easy goal to meet each week since NBA is not traveling as much, I have Pilates each week, and the Y has early hours which I can make with minimal disruption of the family's morning routine.

Putting the debt plan in an accessible place will go a long way toward helping us meet our yearly goal. Updating the changes regularly and seeing numbers go down will be good for our wallet and our spirits.

Cooking is something I am doing, but not yet enjoying. I still abhor going grocery shopping (hence the lack of a check mark), but I do like the sense of accomplishment when we don't eat out. I felt excited about this week's pizza and Denny's outings because they were something special, something different. It was a way to spend time together instead of having to do it because there was nothing to eat, or I didn't feel like cooking.

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