Sunday, March 11, 2007


Wow! It's been a month since I updated. Taking the time off and then rereading my old posts really made me value journaling/blogging as a tool. The motivation, hope and progress apparent in my posts is wonderful. They were a great reminder of my journey, and that I am making a difference even when I don't see it.

Some quick updates:

1. 5k in 41 minutes (treadmill with some holding on, but still I did it.) I am getting closer to my goal. It now feels real to me. I am still at the beginning stages, and have a long way to go, but it is in my sight.
2. I have been sticking to my exercise goal in general.
3. I am down to 175 pounds. I have had three straight weeks of weight loss.
4. We paid off the Honda. One 2007 financial goal accomplished!!!!!!
5. I have been purging pretty regularly. I have gotten rid of over 300 things this month alone.

Other reflections:

Today I made a conscious choice to eat breakfast at home and pack a lunch for work from home. I even brought tea from home. I am proud not because I did it, but because I resisted the alternative.

I have started an eating reduction plan that has worked for me in the past. Basically I am not eating anything after dinner. I can eat dessert immediately after dinner if I am not full, but then NOTHING. No tea with honey/sugar, no hot chocolate, nothing with calories. When I did it before I lost 5 pounds pretty easily. It's not surprising, really, because each nightly snack is approx. 300 calories, which is almost 3 pounds a month. So, subtracting that from my daily intake as well as the extra calories burned through exercise will be beneficial to achieving my goal faster.

I am giving myself permission to take a school break this spring/summer. I am losing motivation, and my output is not up to the level I expect for myself, so I am going to stop and regroup. I will have time before summer vacation to get myself and our house in order. I will be able to relax and enjoy my family without worrying about school or doing school work. I enjoy the school work I do, and I want to become a librarian which is why I am breaking now instead of later. I don't want to just plow through and not enjoy it or get the most out of it. I would rather slow down and enjoy the journey. I think my GPA will appreciate it as well.

The sun that has accompanied March has been so wonderful for my soul. My body has not taken full advantage of it yet, but I feel so much better waking up to sunshine, watching my cat sleep in the sun-filled living room, knowing that our evening activities will not end in darkness.

The beginning of new life, the renewal of the earth, is such a powerful time of year. I am feeling it myself. The hard work I have done over the winter, working out, cleaning/purging, is finally bearing fruit. I am seeing small results, just like the tiny buds beginning to appear. With careful attention and proper care, they will continue to grow and blossom. Just like my house and body will continue to come into their own and blossom like the true precious flowers/trees/vegetables/fruits/grasses they are!!

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