Sunday, March 25, 2007

up and down

up: my weight
This is not a surprise. I didn't exercise all week, and my eating was not what it should have been. I am not falling off the wagon. I am taking it all in stride.

down: the amount of Access projects I have to do
I am doing much better than I was for Excel.

Today was a good day. I was fairly focused at work today, completing 3 projects and outlining the rest. I should be able to take it a week early, which would end my semester that much sooner. It would also let me get moving on my research project and learning HTML and DreamWeaver. Most importantly, however, it would let me reconnect with my house and kids.

I am soooo excited about my upcoming trip with the kids. It will be a blast.

I am feeling disconnected from my friends. What can I do to make it different???

I cooked today before work. NBA put it in the oven. Small steps...

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