Wednesday, December 27, 2006

7 things

I haven't forgotten about my 7 things goal; it's just been on the back burner with school, the holidays, and our wonderful trip to St. Thomas.

Today I did something about that, however. I freecycled a huge bag of Taurus's clothes. I took a bag to the SA, where I waited in a long line. I also recycled a bunch of clothes. I sent an email to a friend about Leo's clothes. If she doesn't want them, they will be freecycled.

Included in the SA bag were Christmas decorations I didn't use this year.

One of my new 7 things goals is to freecycle more than donate to SA. It will take more work on my part, but it will bring me closer in line with my goals of getting items to people who can use them, without making them spend money!

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