Friday, June 15, 2007

July Challenges


There is a new challenge in the blogosphere that I am peripherally participating in. It is the Eat Local Challenge. See for the details and more info.
Here is what I am committing to:
  • visiting the farmer's market at least 4 times
  • purchasing local eggs and butter from co-op (we already get local milk)
  • purchasing bread from local bakeries
CHALLENGE #2: "Say Cheese!"
This challenge involves taking and organizing pictures and home movies. While I am by no means a scrapbooker, I would like to have albums for each of my children.
  • to upload, burn to cd, and print pictures
  • to take at least 5 pictures of the kids weekly
  • to label and organize home movies
  • to gather supplies for albums for kids (by year?)

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