Friday, June 15, 2007

Homecaring Challenge Update

Challenge update:

One week in, and progress has been made. It won't be done by Wednesday morning, but I feel good about what I have done so far.

clean desk in kitchen
clean counter in kitchen/dining room
clean windows
organize kitchen cabinets and pantry
clean office
organize master closet and drawers
frame and hang pictures and artwork
vacuum couches
clean stairs
change camp schedules and fill out forms
fill out preschool forms
clean cobwebs in basement
take rug to reuse center
organize toys and books
purchase and assemble bookshelf
purchase and use power strip for living room
clean front porch
paint and decorate bookcase for M's room
clean oven
organize linen closet
upload, organize, print pictures
clean van
sweep and mop entire upstairs
sweep and mop downstairs
redecorate seasonal table
organize cds

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