Friday, June 08, 2007

CHALLENGE: 12 days of homemaking

In twelve days, we leave for our family vacation. In 17 days, we return home. I cannot and will not return to my home in its current state. There is literally not ONE room in the house that is clean and/or organized. Well, ok the garage is both clean and organized, but I just did that last week.

There are many things that need to be done, including:
  1. clean desk in kitchen
  2. clean counter in kitchen/dining room
  3. clean windows
  4. organize kitchen cabinets and pantry
  5. clean office
  6. organize master closet and drawers
  7. frame and hang pictures and artwork
  8. vacuum couches
  9. clean stairs
  10. change camp schedules and fill out forms
  11. fill out preschool forms
  12. clean cobwebs in basement
  13. take rug to reuse center
  14. organize toys and books
  15. purchase and assemble bookshelf
  16. purchase and use power strip for living room
  17. clean front porch
  18. paint and decorate bookcase for M's room
  19. clean oven
  20. organize linen closet
  21. upload, organize, print pictures
  22. clean van
  23. sweep and mop entire upstairs
  24. sweep and mop downstairs
  25. redecorate seasonal table
  26. organize cds
So, working approx. 2 hours per day on homecaring, I expect to have a much cleaner, brighter, more welcoming home. I will do this with minimal expense; it really just requires time and commitment.

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