Friday, April 13, 2007

road trippin' with the kidlets

The kids and I had a GREAT time on our adventure to the Land of Anne of Cleves. I loved the museum dedicated to noisy music earlier generations hated. I realized again how important music is to my psyche and how much I enjoy it. I would love to go back there by myself so I can spend as much time as I want listening, watching, and learning about music, musicians, and the societies they create.

The kids loved the children's museum. They spent time in the Egyptian desert (a huge sandbox), explored various community locations, and did an excellent job negotiating with other kids. I, unfortunately, had to police other people's children because their parents weren't paying attention.
The hotel was great. We ordered room service, went for a swim, and watched a lot of tv. (There were two televisions, so L got to watch Sports Center ad nauseum and M got to indulge her love of Nick Jr. ( a treat reserved for hotels and grandparents' houses)

I, too, got to indulge my cable tv habits. While it was great for an evening of relaxing on vacation, I am sooo glad we do not have cable at home. I am not strong enough to resist it's pull, and would fall very easily into a couch potato lifestyle.

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