Friday, April 13, 2007

The Body Blues and Greens

Ok, none of my clothes are fitting, I look like I'm in my 2nd trimester, and the scale has gone back up to where it was a month ago. THIS SUCKS!! What it really means is that a) I don't exercise enough to support my eating habits, b) I can't take two weeks off from exercising, and c) I need to make some hard choices about my diet and live with them.

I am recommitting to the diet portion of my exercise plan. I will never become a better, faster runner with all this extra weight. Especially when my life gets crazy and I can't exercise, I need my diet to make up for it.

I need to spend some time figuring out why I sabotage myself. Every time I make significant progress, I find some way to undo it. What is up with that?!?!?

I have to commit to a vision of myself as I want to be. I think I am not able to see it. Or, seeing myself as a runner is less about my body and more about my mind. I need to join the two so that I can lose weight, tone my body, and become faster.

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