Monday, February 05, 2007

weekly goals 2/5-2/9

word 8&9
word book from WCC
LIS application
2nd part of research to clients
EndNote Webinar DONE

hair DONE (Mine and M's-an all day affair)
drink 1 qt water daily ( I already missed Monday because we have no water at our house. Busted pipe, yeah!) (Tues,Wed, Thurs)
create food plan DONE
exercise 4 times and for 225 minutes (Mon:45, Tues:45, Wed:50)

Laundry away FINISHED washing, 75% folded, 15% away
dispose of excess paint (10 cans DONE, 10 more to go)
create writing center in kitchen DONE
NEW ADDITION: Donate teaching materials--DONE (sent to NOLA)

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