Saturday, December 31, 2005

resolutions part 2

47. do 25 push-ups daily
48. finish a marathon
49. take a yoga class
50. get a massage
51. visit a chiropractor/naturopath
52. eat vegetarian at least twice weekly
53. go to the lake at least 8 times
54. take a summer vacation with my family
55. take a winter vacation with my family
56. spend at least 48 hours alone
57. go to the movies at least 5 times
58. make a decision about education materials
59. ride the bus more often
60. decrease caffeine consumption
61. potty train daughter
62. get daughter to sleep in her own bed all night
63. organize bedroom
64. visit dentist
65. create 12-photo yearly calendars for family
66. acknowledge family birthdays with cards, not just calls
67. decrease kids' screen time
68. clean files off old computer
69. grocery shop more efficiently
70. visit the farmer's market at least 8 times
71. teach son to ride without training wheels

I don't know if I am going to make it to 206. I think I will just work on the 71 items listed, adding more as I think of them.

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