Friday, December 30, 2005

206 resolutions for 2006

Ok, here goes. I am going to identify 206 things I hope to accomplish this year. Many are life-changing, process items, but there are some that are just one-and-done.
Here is part one:

1. lose 5 pounds
2. lose 5 pounds
3. lose 5 pounds
4. take a vitamin for 120 days
5. create a housekeeping schedule
6. maintaing housekeeping schedule
7. decrease debt by 25%
8. create a short term budget plan for spending, paying down debt, and saving
9. create a long term budget plan for spending, paying down debt, and saving
10. open ira
11. get a cd
12. increase college savings for kids
13. have buy-nothing-day once a week
14. increase cooking at home
15. work out at curves 3x weekly
16. work out at rec center 2x weekly
17. walk daily
18. write daily
19. read daily
20. pray daily
21. set up basement playroom for the kids
22. clear out garage
23. clean out bedroom closet
24. organize adult books
25. organize kitchen
26. prepare one new recipe each week
27. create a master grocery list
28. take a vitamin for 120 days
29. decrease screen time
30. create laundry system
31. paint son's room
32. paint daughter's room
33. bake bread/muffins once a week
34. decrease use of car
35. avoid library fines
36. read lord of rings trilogy
37. organize photos
38. hang pictures of son and daughter
39. decorate son's room
40. decorate daughter's room
41. clean cars monthly
42. write one letter weekly
43. run 5K
44. run 5K in 40 minutes

ok, this is it for now. more to come.
the list will not be complete by jan 1, but..
46. complete resolutions list by jan 10.

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